Riding for 5



As most of you already know my Freedom Challenge ride was brought to a rather abrupt end after a virus attacked my lungs resulting in a stay at the clinic in Kokstad. 

This all happened rather suddenly after feeling good and enjoying the early, and very tough sections of the route.


With Alex Harris finishing in a new race record time closely followed by Glenn Harrison on a single speed bike I have time to reflect and come to terms with this set back and most importantly had the opportunity to remind myself what this is all about.


Whilst the racing side of things was a key aspect of my journey, it without doubt comes a distant second to the Ridingfor5 campaign that has received such fantastic support for which I am eternally grateful to each and every person who has pledged their support for this terrific cause.


Having come to terms with my setback I am even more determined to keep driving the campaign forward in an effort to reach our target of R 150,000 – thereby securing 5 three-year scholarships for kids in dire need of our help.


Education is something that many of us take for granted, but imagine a world where your ability to attend school is based on affordability.


So whilst I re-focus my aim on the 2012 race I stand committed to continuing with my support of the Scholarship Fund and look forward to seeing this very special initiative change the lives of a few very talented and deserving kids. 


Help me keep the dream of 5 alive and together we can directly impact the lives of 5 very special and deserving children.